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Modifying the BusyBox config in OpenEmbedded

Recently, I needed to enable the eject command in BusyBox for an OpenEmbedded (Yocto) based project.  Below is a way to do this in a fairly painless way:

  1. bitbake -c menuconfig busybox (enable the eject command in the config and save)
  2. bitbake -c diffconfig busybox (this generates a config fragment, note the fragment file location)
  3. recipetool appendsrcfile -w [path to layer] busybox [path to fragment generated in step #2]

Now, in my project layer, I have the following files:


SRC_URI += "file://fragment.cfg"


# Wed Sep 30 15:23:49 2015

Wow, that is pretty neat!  The same procedure should work on kernel recipes as well.


  • If you have trouble running bitbake -c menuconfig in a remote ssh shell, trying installing screen on the build machine.
  • recipetool is located in openembedded-core/scripts/recipetool
  • Chris L. noted the -w option in recipetool would have simplified the append slightly (would avoid the subdir= on the SRC_URI, since it’d install it to workdir instead of the source tree)   Great idea — example above modified to include -w.